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Welcome to Infinity Dry Wash!

Eco Green Marketing (makers of Infinity Dry Wash) is the pioneer in waterless and water-saving technologies, a solid company that manufactures and distributes the world famous Infinity Dry Wash product.

We offer one product which is used for both in the line of auto and home that take advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs. But perhaps the greatest feature of our products is that they are easily demonstrated in thirty seconds or less.

People are already running successful home-based businesses, making good money, and enjoying the dream of taking control of their lives thanks to our highly-advanced form of distribution and compensation. Our distributors are rewarded both for using and sharing the Infinity Dry Wash  product, and for helping others to set up their own home-based businesses.

Simply put,

"You are in the right place at the right time, with high-tech products, state of the art distribution system and a rewarding compensation plan."

As a member you can purchase the product for personal use. You can also share it with relatives and friends and be rewarded for sharing such a great product.

What makes Infinity Dry Wash the perfect business opportunity?

1. Unique & Exclusive Products
2. Unlimited Markets
3. Solid Company
4. Huge Profit Potential
5. Training & Support
6. Timing
7. Affordable to Start ($50 USD/month)

Huge Profit Potential You Can Earn Money Many Ways

1. Sharing the product (30 Second Demos)
2. Detail Service Income
3. Network Overrides

Demonstrate Infinity Dry Wash and let "The Salesman in the Bottle" do the rest! The 30 second DEMO creates instant Sales and interest in the Company Business Opportunity. And guess what? Those millions of vehicles need cleaning again and again NOT to mention the HOME markets worldwide!

As a Distributor, you purchase products monthly for personal use and to share with others. It could not be easier!

Professional Mobile Detailing is a growing industry and more professionals are using Infinity Dry Wash  Waterless Car Wash. Autos, Motor homes, Boats, Trucks, Motorcycles, Windows and More!

You can earn substantial income by simply doing a 30 second DEMO. No need for expensive equipment, incredibly flexible, you can work anywhere, set you own hours.

Please contact the person who introduced you to this website and ask for a FREE 30 SECOND DEMO!

You Will Love It!
Welcome to Infinity Dry Wash!