Creating the Perfect Oportunity

What is The Infinity Dry Wash?

It's an opportunity. An opportunity for you. And an opportunity to help build a better more fruitful future. It's a chance to turn the global economical crisis to a an opportunity for you and your families to enjoy more time freedom, more income and help the environment along the way.

A chance for you to promote exclusive unique eco friendly products and entrepreneurialism. Even more, a better way of life. This is far more than a financial opportunity. This is a chance to live and promote something you can believe in.

This is Infinity Dry Wash.

There's Never Been A Better Time

If there has ever been a time for Infinity Dry Wash, it's now.
  • The unemployment rate is at an all-time high
  • Many who have jobs don't like them
  • 2 out of every 3 people you know are have insecure jobs
  • 78 million baby boomers are trying to secure their financial futures
  • Eco Friendly products are part of a billion dollar a year industry
  • This is more than a need of a change. It's a a want of change.
  • The market is literally primed for your success. And it's something you can feel good about too. If you're ready, you can give people the freedom to live happier and fully with the financial means to enjoy life the way they've always wanted. And you can too.

Infiniity Dry Wash offers you the opportunity to take charge of your financial independence and to promote eco friendly quality products that can help change your life and the life of others.

There is no limit to your success. It is all within your control.

All Successful Brands Progress Through Four Phases Of Growth:

So who is behind the Product Infinity Dry Wash?

The company who is behind this amazing product is Eco Green Marketing. A solid debt free Swedish registered company with head office in Stockholm and manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

Carlos Widen, the CEO & Founder has been in the industry of Network Marketing as an active distributor for over 16 years with a solid track record of success. Carlos is well known in the world of network marketing.

He earned his title as a top income earner after his first year in business by using simple, practical, effective ways to build large businesses.

His distributorship now spans over 20 countries. Carlos story is often used by other distributors and companies to demonstrate the unlimited potential of network marketing. It is one of the most recognized stories in the industry.

While Carlos continues to build his own business, EcoGreenMarketing, much of his focus is now spent teaching others how to succeed and find fulfillment in life.

Along with his business accomplishments, Carlos has supported many charities. He has worked tirelessly throughout the years to give back the good fortune his Network Marketing business has brought to his life.