Here, we have published some of the most common questions we receive. Do you have other questions feel free to contact us HERE

Q.   Are the products safe to use?

A.    Yes! Of cource they are safe to use. Both for you, your vehicle and the environment.

Q.   Will the car getting scratched?

A.   if you are using the products as directed on the package, you minimize the risk of scratches. When using our products and a microfiber cloth of high quality, the risk is much less than normal traditional wash with sponges.

Q.   Are the products expencive and how do I order?

A.    No! You can buy IDW UltraShine for example. You´ll pay €16 for the concentrate. When you mix the products you´ll get 1 liter that is enough for up to 10 cleanings! Make your request via email to order@infinitydrywash.com

Q.   Can I make money with this products?

A.    Yes! We are looking for new partners around the world and offer great earnings potential.

You can sell the products, but also start your own eco-friendly car wash.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Q.   Are the microfibre cloth of good quality?

A.    We offer a fantastic quality on the whole product-line. The Microfibre Cloths have been specifically hand crafted to our own unique design, specifications and are the only choice for detailers, professionals and enthusiasts who produce the ultimate showroom finish on all paintwork, glass, chrome, alloy and plastic surfaces.

An extremely soft and durable lint free quality microfibre cloth that has been specially blended from polyester and polyamide to give an instant smear free finish, providing superior long lasting commercial capabilities that cater for every valeting requirement, in delivering ultra absorbent performance, ensures they can be used on wet or dry surfaces.

InfinityDryWash is a Swedish company that sells and manufactures ecofriendly and watersaving carwash products in concentrates. We provide you with the latest technology so that you as a valuable customers can be sure that you get the best for you, your vehicle, for the environment and your wallet



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